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We provide your paint robots with the very best protection

At OEM and Tier 1 automotive plants, the paint line is one of the most important departments. Paint robots are an essential link in the chain.

Capstan Technicals’ aim has always been to develop the best protection for your robots. The company is fully integrated and takes care of the development of the robot covers from the choice of fibre all the way to the finished product.

Every robot line is different. That is why we create protection that is fully customised to your paint line. We not only guarantee that your robots are given the ideal protection, but also that our custom-made, dust-free solution will improve your paint result.


Capstan Technicals is always on top of the latest developments in the textile industry. New fibres and fabrics are constantly tested. The latest knitting techniques, including 3D knitting methods, are integrated in our customers’ products as quickly as possible.

Stable quality

Capstan Technicals has a fully integrated production process. This allows us to provide you with products of an extremely consistent and high quality. Systematic quality controls are an integral part of the various steps in our production process.

Direct contact

At Capstan Technicals, there is no complicated organisational structure. You can always reach our sales department during our business hours. For specific questions and urgent solutions, please contact Hendrik or Vincent, who are available 24/7.

What is our approach?

Every paint line is different and every production process has its own needs. That is why we do not have a standard product, but instead start by carrying out a thorough analysis of your paint line.

Our products?

The materials used in our covers are the cornerstone of our success. That is why we are taking putting a lot of effort into developing our top-quality knitted fabrics.


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Custom-made industrial robot covers: for optimal protection

Robots often work in environments that demand a lot from them. They come into daily contact with moisture, high temperatures, chemicals and dust. That is why it is crucial to protect them as well as possible, if you want your robots to have the longest possible lifespan. Looking for custom-made protection for your paint robot? At Capstan Technicals, we offer a wide range of products, with various custom-made robot covers for all brands of industrial robots, in all shapes and sizes.

Custom-made by Capstan Technicals

No robot is ever the same. And every process has different needs. Therefore, we provide each customer with a specific, custom solution. In the first step in the process of creating your robot cover, we carry out a thorough analysis to see what your robot needs. Then, we provide you with a proposal and use our expertise to create your specialised robot cover. When the first samples are ready, we have the first fitting.

At Capstan Technicals, we find it important to stay up to date on all the latest developments in the textile industry. This ensures that we can always provide you with the very best quality. Our fabric is dust-free and offers maximum elasticity combined with an unprecedented absorption capacity. Perfect for keeping your robot safe, clean and in optimal operating order for as long as possible!

Interested in robot covers?

Are you interested in ordering a custom-made robot cover or do you want to discuss the various possibilities with us? We are always happy to help! Contact us via our contact form, or by email, fax or phone. If you’d prefer to meet us in person, you are always welcome to visit our sales department during our business hours. If you require urgent assistance or have a specific question, please contact Hendrik and Vincent at Capstan Technicals, who are available 24/7.

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